Additional projects can be found on GitHub.

Alma Enumerator

Alma Enumerator is set of Python scripts to update enumeration and chronology information in Alma, an integrated library system made by Ex Libris. It parses item record description fields, extracts enumeration and chronology information and updates the item record's enumeration and chronology fields. This is particularly useful cases when a library has volume, issue and date information saved in item description fields but not in the corresponding enumeration and chronology fields.

Weather Cancellations

Weather Cancellations is a Django app to for managing community cancellation announcements. It was used by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier from 2014-2016.

Little Magazines Database

The Little Magazines Database is a literary index of independently published, alternative literary magazines published between the early 1960s and 1970s. The Little Magazines project is led by Jim Elmborg. I served as the graduate student assistant on this project for the 2013-2014 academic year.


Ragtag was an experimental social media prototype created to explore the possibilities of folksonomies and social tagging for metadata creation. It was designed and coded by myself and Xi Wang. You can explore our proposal presentation and our final presentation.

Papers & Posters

How metadata can increase the visibility of the institutional repository

This presentation covers some of the ways metadata can be used to make institutional repository more accessible, focusing especially how it can be used to better integrate repository collections with widely-used web services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moving Targets: Libraries, Privacy, and Mobile Technology

Moving Targets explores the the benefits and risks posed by mobile devices and outlines what librarians can do to protect patron privacy while providing mobile services.


Open Source Librarian: How to Install Wordpress

Wesley and Alex's Ghost Town Extravaganza